Start a Sync


Syncs must be enabled

Syncs must be enabled for the category to which the integration belongs. For more info, look at Enabling Syncs In the Getting Started Journey


Use the honorScheduler parameter to control when the next delta_sync should happen

The default behavior for running ad-hoc syncs using this API is that the next delta_sync runs after the subscribed frequency when the ad-hoc sync completes. For example, lets say that the delta_syncs are running every 24 hours at 5 PM. However, at 1 PM, an ad-hoc sync was triggered using this API, which completed at 1:15 PM. The next delta_sync would be triggered at 1:15PM the following day, i.e. 24 hours after the previous sync, and not at 5 PM.

If the honorScheduler is true, then the delta_syncs would happen at their given schedule without taking ad-hoc syncs into account. In the above example, if an ad-hoc sync is triggered at 1 PM and completed at 1:15 PM, the next delta_sync would be triggered at 5 PM itself, honoring the original scheduler that was present before the ad-hoc sync was triggered.

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