API Response Structure

Success Message

Knit API's response will always have success body parameter set. success boolean can be used for evaluating whether an API call was successful. A successful API call will also contain dataobject. The API response will be present within data object. Below is an example for successful Employee Location API response

  "success": true,
  "data": {
    "employeeId": "123qww",
    "addressLine1": "12/8 block 4",
    "addressLine2": "MG Marg",
    "city": "Guntur",
    "state": "Andhra Pradesh",
    "country": "IN",
    "zipCode": "522601",
    "addressType": "HOME_PRESENT"

Error Message

For error responses, success flag will be set to false and the error description will be present within the error object in msg key. Below is a sample API error message.

  "success": false,
  "error": {
    "msg": "No such employee exists"

Response Headers

Below are a set of Knit headers you can expect in API Response

Knit HeaderTypeDescription
X-Knit-Execution-IdMandatoryUnique Id for each API call/Webhook dispatch. Use it for debugging a particular execution.
X-Knit-SignatureOptionalOnly passed with Webhook dispatches for checking integrity of the Webhook message.
X-Knit-Integration-IdOptionalOnly passed with Webhook dispatches.