Add a tag to a candidate


Tags in ATS Systems

  • Tags in ATS vary across systems, with some supporting tags at the candidate level and others at the application level. We strive to create tags at the application level wherever supported. If not, we will add them at the candidate level.
  • When creating new tags, you can pass a dummy ID in place of the tag ID if you don't have the ID of any existing tag obtained from List Global Tags or List Candidate Tags. Some ATS systems support tag IDs, while others rely on tag text only. If you have the tag ID, pass it; otherwise, a dummy string can be used.

Supported Apps

Here are the list of apps that support this API.

AppApp IDNotes
SAP SuccessFactorssuccessfactors-ats
Workdayworkday-atsThe tag must be added to global tags through dashboard. Then only it can be added to candidate.
WorkableworkableThere are few limitations on workable tags -
1. Ignores everything after whitespace character an lowercases character in tag. Eg. "Knit Tag" ----> "knit"
" Knit" --> "" (No tag)
"test_tag" -> "test_tag" ( "-" accepted as separator).
2. Tag length should be less than 25 characters otherwise tag will not be applied. Eg. "test_tag_tag_test_tag_te" -> Accepted within 25 char
"test_tag_tag_test_tag_test_tag_test"-> Ignored.
3. It is recommended to see related document or check with workable dashboard in case of any other limitation. Tags in workable
Breezy HRbreezy
Zoho Recruitzoho-recruit
JazzHR ATSjazzhr-ats
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